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Joro Consultants Inc. provides a variety of wildlife research and consulting services. We also pursue research questions that lead to academic contributions both in the form of technical reports as well as peer-reviewed academic literature.


Joro Consultants Inc.  (Joro) continues to provide consulting services in the areas of environmental assessment, monitoring . Joro is engaged in or has recently completed several projects related to the collection and analysis of data relating to ungulates, predators and furbearers for several clients including the Province of Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro and the Kivalliq Inuit Association. Much of this work relates to caribou, moose, predators and furbearers and birds.  Click on more info below to find a list of Joro's current and past projects.


ALCES Manitoba

Joro is pleased to offer ALCES, “A Landscape Cumulative Effects Simulator” tool for land-use planners. ALCES ONLINE (AO) is available to users as an online application, providing advanced user applications in wildlife and ecological modeling, land-use planning and cumulative effects assessment. 


Joro Consultants Inc. is an environmental consulting firm focused on environmental and biological research and monitoring. We specialize in wildlife research and consulting services and work with a variety of academic, corporate, government, First Nations, and community partners. Our mission is to provide innovative, efficient services to address original research questions as well as prevent, mitigate, and monitor environmental effects of development.

Canadian-owned and operated, Joro Consultants Inc. is a committed team of highly-trained personnel including wildlife biologists, geographic information systems (GIS) technicians, and environmental professionals. We work on projects of all sizes, and have extensive experience on projects concerning caribou, wolves, moose, furbearers, and many other mammals. We operate in a variety of environments and geographical areas, and integrate powerful tools such as ALCES Online, GIS, CranR statistical applications in wildlife and ecological modeling, wildlife monitoring and cumulative effects assessments. Joro Consultants Inc. is committed to excellent customer service to the needs of our clients.

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