Our Team

Our team is a dedicated and hardworking group of individuals with many years of field experience and strong academic backgrounds in the biological fields. Joro has over 25 years of experience in boreal forest wildlife ecology, management, research and program development across Manitoba and Canada.

Dr. Doug Schindler

President, Senior Biologist

Doug is the President and Principal of Joro Consultants Inc. and has over 25 years of experience in boreal forest wildlife ecology, management, research, and program development across Manitoba and Canada. Doug is a nationally recognized and respected wildlife biologist with significant experience and knowledge in all regions of Manitoba. He has designed, implemented, and conducted analysis on various wildlife research and monitoring projects involving industry, government, stakeholders and First Nations. Doug is a competent terrestrial ecologist with skills in vegetation mapping and analysis using digital and ground survey data. He has a strong background in woodland caribou and has decades of experience in conducting caribou collaring, surveying, monitoring, and habitat analysis.

Katja Smutny

Office Administrator

Katja is the Office Administrator at Joro Consultants who is involved in accounting, including monthly expense reporting and invoicing for all Joro development projects. She has ten years of experience in office administration, event planning and financial management for a multitude of organizations throughout Manitoba.

Sandi Routley


Sandi Routley is an Ecologist at Joro Consultants and conducts ecological research and monitoring related to wildlife, vegetation, and the terrestrial environment. She holds both a Master of Science and a Professional Biologist designation, with nearly 15 years experience working in the environmental field. Her broad background in ecology has allowed her to develop extensive knowledge of mammals, birds, plant species, soil types, invasive species, and species at risk. Sandi has been heavily involved at Joro for clients such as Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Infrastructure in environmental impact assessments, wildlife technical reports, and several mammals monitoring and baseline data collection studies, including aerial reconnaissance for boreal caribou, moose, and multi-species, and ground surveys for birds, furbearers, and vegetation. She is also proficient in request for proposals, scientific report writing, literature review and data analysis, and is published within several peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Christina Blouw

Associate Wildlife Biologist

Christina is a Wildlife Biologist and Research Consultant at InterGroup Consultants with training in biology and ecology, holding a Masters of Environmental Science. She is currently working with Joro on the mammals monitoring component for Manitoba Hydro and previously worked on the resource use program as part of northern base line studies for Manitoba Infrastructure. She has experience in wildlife consulting on numerous environmental assessments with her work focused on hydro-electric generation in northern Manitoba. Her work has included socio-economic research and analysis and development and implementation of key stakeholder engagement for socio-economic purposes. Christina previously worked as a Wildlife Biologist where she researched, analyzed and comprehensively detailed woodland caribou, including GIS data analysis.

Tim Verbiwski

Field and Data Technician

Tim is an experienced field and data technician at Joro Consultants and has a strong knowledge base in small mammal and furbearer biology and ecology, and has an extensive background in surveying and tracking mammals. He also has significant skills in small mammal and furbearer trapping and hunting, and has extensive experience in conducting local community and trapper interviews. At Joro Consultants, Tim has been regularly involved in caribou aerial telemetry surveys, caribou aerial recruitment surveys, aerial caribou reconnaissance, aerial moose surveys, and aerial multispecies (furbearer) surveys. In addition, Tim has a strong avian background, with experience in ground surveys for bird identification, nocturnal owl surveys, raptor surveys, waterbird surveys, stick nest surveys, and bird call playback surveys. Tim has been involved in the deployment and retrieval of trail cameras, and the database management and coding of trail camera photos.

Tasha Stasiuk

Associate GIS Analyst

Tasha is an Associate GIS Analyst with Joro Consultants. She has completed a variety of advanced level GIS, cartography, data management, environmental science and resource management courses through 'Resource and Environmental Law' and 'GIS for Resource Management' diploma programs. Tasha is proficient in ArcGIS (Desktop and Pro), Trimble GPS software, open-sourced GIS software, and has excellent knowledge of spatial analysis, map digitization, cartography and model building. Beyond GIS, Tasha has experience in resource management and an excellent knowledge of environmental and resource-related legislation.

Tim Barker

Associate Spatial Analytics & Geomatics

​Tim graduated from U.N.B in 1991 with a B.Sc.F. degree. His main focus for 27 years has been in applying spatial modeling and geographic information systems analysis to natural resource management planning. He worked in the forest industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan for 20 years; working in roles such as GIS analyst, Timber Supply Analyst, Strategic Forest Management Supervisor, and Team Leader /Superintendent of a 16-person GIS/Planning department. Throughout his career, Tim has used his in-depth understanding of GIS data technology and management practice to advance natural resource management. Some examples include developing semi-automated mapping system for forestry field staff, building customized watershed modeling tools for the forest industry in Alberta, and implementing spatial optimization modeling into forest management decisions. Tim successfully designed and implemented a major technical work flow / data / equipment / staff overhaul of a 16-person GIS planning department.

Tim has worked at senior levels, representing the forest industry on various collaborative research and policy initiatives in Alberta. He has held senior management positions in regional planning exercises. For the past three years, Tim has played a lead role in strategic data management and software development decisions within The ALCES Group. He has worked extensively with data acquisition, software design, and spatial analysis on ALCES projects.

Stephen Kearney

Associate Wildlife Advisor

Steve is an Associate Wildlife Advisor with Joro who joined the team in March 2012. He offers significant knowledge and experience with Manitoba wildlife and environmental assessments and various environmental studies. Prior to Joro, Steve spent 34 years with the Manitoba government, primarily working with Manitoba Conservation as the Northeast Region's Regional Director and Regional Wildlife Manager. His focus was on caribou, moose, furbearer, and polar bear management in Manitoba. He also played significant roles in establishing the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board and Wapusk National Park and was responsible for the development of the policy and procedures for Manitoba’s internationally recognized Polar Bear Alert Program at Churchill. Over his many years with working with the Manitoba government, Steve has developed significant knowledge and experience in constitutional and “good governance” consultation with First Nations, integrated land and resource management and use, environmental assessments, and developed significant knowledge and experience in constitutional and “good governance” consultation with First Nations.

Jonathan Williams

Associate Field Technician & Community Specialist

Jonathan is an Associate Field Technician and Community Specialist with Joro and is responsible for logistic support in conducting field activities and participates in community communication and consultation. As a First Nations person, he understands community values and has extensive experience in environmental issues related to First Nations. John is an experienced pilot with expertise in various fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft types. He was responsible for the management and coordination of aerial fire suppression resources in Manitoba and Northwest Territories, and has experience in making calculated decisions in critical situations. John’s position as a Wildlife Technician at Manitoba Conservation oversaw the coordination and completion of numerous wildlife surveys across Manitoba, and communication with various stakeholders including First Nations communities and Manitoba Hydro. He also provided practical expertise and recommendations on wildlife tracking, migratory patterns and gender determinations.

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Bob Stewart

Bob is the Principal of Teams-Ltd. in Alberta and has over 35 years of experience in wildlife research, boreal ecology, forest planning and management, and community development work in western Canada and central America (Nicaragua). Bob started his career as a public servant in the North West Territories (furbearer specialist) and then as a research ecologist and large mammal population specialist until the mid 1980s. He then moved to the private sector as a wildlife specialist and guided the development of the first two forest management plans (Meadow Lake, L&M) and impact assessments of those plans.

Bob contributed to wildlife research work with Joro related to the development and testing of non-lethal predator management approaches to reduce mortality of neonate caribou. More recently Bob has completed a 60-page monograph chronicling the history of caribou and research and management in an effort to update the knowledge file to better serve the requirements of woodland caribou going forward. He brings a rare combination of experience and insight to bear on the caribou file in western Canada.

Brad Stelfox

Brad is the architect and developer of ALCES (A Landscape Cumulative Effects Simulator) and established Forem Technologies and the ALCES Group in 1995. He is an adjunct professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta, and in the Department of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. Brad's research and teachings focus on the interface between human land uses and regional landscapes. The major development stream of Forem has been ALCES, a program gaining rapid acceptance by governments, industry, the scientific community, and NGO's to explore issues between landscapes, land uses (agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, mining, human populations, tourism, and transportation sectors), and ecological and economic integrity. He has received the Alberta Emerald Foundation Award (2004) and the Alberta Science and Technology Award (2003) for his contributions with the ALCES model in advancing understanding of land use sustainability issues and in seeking solutions that balance economic, social, and ecological indicators.

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