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Joro Consultants Inc. has worked with ALCES for several years, and is the sole source supplier and support of ALCES ONLINE services in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. ALCES ONLINE is a revolutionary, user-friendly, multi-disciplinary, spatial and temporal analysis framework that puts the integration and mapping (historical to alternative future views) of simple to sophisticated discrete and land-based classification data in the hands of anyone that can basically use contemporary computer software packages.

What Is ALCES?

ALCES is 'A Landscape Cumulative Effects Simulator' which is used for landscape and land use studies in regards to land, air, water, wildlife, and communities. One of the main goals of ALCES is to develop land-use cumulative effects modelling and strategic land-use planning which may influence in the decision making processes related to environmental sustainability. ALCES software components include the ALCES Integrator, Mapper, and Urban Growth Simulator which all provide sustainable solutions for multi-stakeholder groups.

ALCES offers the capability to cast back through space and time to investigate historical land use within a defined geographic area to arrive at present day conditions. The model provides the unique opportunity to then forecast a number of potential scenarios based on a suite of predetermined indicators to predict and assess the cumulative effects of a project on the defined project landscape in the future. Through this modeling exercise the opportunity is provided for project decisions to consider ecologically sound information and least invasive land use options. The model provides the natural range of variability of the community, based on the information made available, as baseline options.

ALCES is a computer-based strategic-level simulation tool that has been used extensively by resource managers, the scientific community, and industrial land users to understand cumulative effects of human development and land uses.

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ALCES ONLINE Simulation Examples

ALCES ONLINE Simulation Examples

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Assessing Population Dynamics

Range of Natural Variability