Ornithological Services

For: Manitoba Floodway and East Side Road Authority All Season Roads

Provided services for avian monitoring (pre-clearing) on an as-needed basis (between April 1 and August 31 of a given year) within the Project 1, 3, 3a, 4, and 7a Study Areas. Fieldwork included aerial and pedestrian surveys to asses and document the presence of breeding birds, their nests, and eggs (including multi-generational stick nests, active passerine nests, ground nests, nesting colonies, and other breeding bird evidence), provide recommendations as to whether or not clearing could take place in the areas surveyed within two business days, and provide a detailed list of all documented wildlife species including highlighted species at risk. GIS analysis of all data was performed, and survey reports prepared within seven business days. 

For: Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation CentrePort Canada Way Project
Provided services for pre-construction surveys: early morning wildlife surveys in the specific impact areas prior to construction with the focus on identifying any newly established nesting activity associated with raptors such as coopers hawk and burrowing owl; identifying any active nests of species covered under the Migratory Birds Convention Act; determining presence of any species at risk (including loggerhead shrike) or their critical habitat; and reviewing supplementary information on loggerhead shrike ecology including a more intensive literature review and rationale for various mitigation opportunities. 

For: Manitoba Hydro 
V38R/Line 81 transmission line environmental impact analysis in Riding Mountain National Park
Provided services for avian monitoring with emphasis on species of concern: fieldwork (waterbird and waterfowl survey, nest searches, nocturnal bird survey, and songbird point count surveys); habitat characterization; conducted large and small mammal monitoring: fieldwork (intensive pedestrian multispecies surveys, scat inventories, track analysis, and denning inventories); and wrote reports on the findings of surveys.

Pointe du Bois Spillway Replacement on the Winnipeg River to junction of PTH 315 
Provided services for wildlife monitoring including: desktop studies of bird and mammal species present in the area with emphasis on species of concern; aerial survey of mammals, tracks and stick nest, ground level survey (boat or on foot) for mammal sign and stick nests, small mammal trapping to assess diversity using non-lethal traps, waterbird, yellow rail and owl broadcast surveys, migratory and breeding bird surveys
Distribution line extending from Moose Lake (SE Manitoba) to Northwest Angle No. 33 in northwestern Ontario)
Provide services for biophysical research including bird and mammal species present in the area with emphasis on species of concern and identified Valued Ecosystem Components (VECs), literature review on species present focusing on those species of concern; aerial stick nest survey, multispecies ground level survey, waterbirds and breeding bird survey, nocturnal owl and amphibian survey; conducted and participated in: interviewing and questionnaires for Key Person Interviews with community members of Northwest Angle No. 33; wrote reports on all findings and interviews, including a Best Practices Guidelines manual for the project.

Other Selected Avian Projects Undertaken

  • Joro Consultants Inc. 2012. Pointe du Bois Spillway Replacement Project: Bird Nest and Avian Broadcast Survey in BR-2 Quarry- Supplemental Report. Prepared for Manitoba Hydro. 11 pp.

  • Joro Consultants Inc. 2011. Pine Falls to Manigotagan Transmission Line bird sweep, raptor nest and ARU surveys conducted as part of Station Clearing near Manigotagan.  

  • Schindler, D.W. 2004.  Intensive inventory of birds and vegetation in the Fish Lake area in Manitoba’s Interlake.  Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary research, University of Winnipeg

  • Schindler, D.W.  1985.  Winnipeg Floodway Waterfowl Potential and Recommendations including results of Floodway brood surveys, Departmental Technical Document, March 1.