Joro Consultants Inc. (Joro) was founded by Senior Wildlife Biologist Doug Schindler. Formerly established as a 'Terrestrial and Aquatic Environmental Managers' (TAEM) in 1992, the firm was re-branded Joro Consultants Inc. in 2002. The word 'joro' means 'earth' in Icelandic, reflecting our firm's commitment to research and consulting regarding all aspects of the biophysical environment.

Joro has extensive experience with large biological monitoring and environmental assessment undertakings, and has experience in presenting data and findings as part of environmental and cumulative impact assessments involving terrestrial and avian wildlife. We have specialized in caribou, large mammals, geospatial analysis, that has served to contribute both to industry partners and academia. We have recently expanded to include a much wider range of research topics, providing consultation services regarding virtually every components of the biophysical environment. We have served such diverse clients as Manitoba Infrastructure, Manitoba Hydro, Tembec Industries, Manitoba Model Forest, various engineering and consulting firms, universities and First Nations. 

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